Alair Vaporizers


Our specially-formulated cannabis oil is CO2 extracted, carefully lab-tested and regulated to ensure the product is consistent to the highest standard. Each cartridge is filled with premium pure cannabis oil - that’s all. No additives, extenders or filler ingredients.



The Alair pen consists of a streamlined rechargeable battery encased in a matte black body, and a gold-accented clear glass cartridge that lets you see how much oil you have left. Each pen comes with a convenient, compact usb charger for life on the go.



Alair is an ultra sleek, no-fuss pen created for seasoned connoisseurs and casual users alike. Slim as a pencil, each Alair vaporizer can deliver approximately 150 pulls per cartridge and produces significant vapor plumes on demand. Dose delivery is easily achieved and modulated, providing an effortless, elegant experience.

Rarely out of place, Alair adds style and grace to every lifestyle. Choose a premium cannabis vaporizer like Alair to enhance your experience.


Benefits include:

Lifestyle  Discrete in physical profile and virtually scent-free
Health  Removes the toxic and carcinogenic risks associated with smoke
Cost-effective  Higher potency means fewer hits to achieve the desired effect



The carbon dioxide extraction method occurs without hydrocarbon-based inputs, and as such is considered by many to produce the safest product with no chance of residual solvents.


Alair pods come loaded with premium, pure cannabis oil that offer a sumptuous, strain-specific experience.


Indica-dominant hybrid. Sweet euphoric relaxation meets time-bending cerebral space.

Indica-dominant hybrid. Smooth fruit with a sour twist. Instant cerebral lift with body-relaxing crescendo.

Indica-dominant hybrid, 1:1 THC to CBD. Mildly euphoric physical high rinsed with a general sedative state.

Sativa-dominant hybrid. Sour-earth and citrus aroma, quick to uplift with an elevating buzz.

Indica-dominant hybrid. Pungent, earthy pine aroma, clean on the palate. This high THC strain offers focused energy, while its sedative effects soothe mild physical discomfort.

4:1 CBD to THC Hybrid. CBD Therapy is a revolutionary strain for pain relief. It is also an excellent choice for people who are sensitive to the psychoactive effects of THC.

Sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet blueberry aroma that lingers on the palate. Immediate cerebral focus & creative energy followed by a numbing, warm, pain-free body state.






How do I recharge my Alair?

You will know your Alair pen needs to be recharged when the white light on the end flashes three times upon a draw. The pen is USB rechargeable. Unscrew the pen where the gold cartridge meets the black battery. Screw the battery into the USB charger, and plug into a USB outlet. While your pen is charging, the light will stay on; you will know your pen is fully charged when the light turns off.

Please ensure that you are plugging the USB charger into a wall outlet and not into a computer/laptop USB port, to ensure it gets an adequate charge. If your battery is weak, it will not be able to supply the heating element with enough power to properly produce vapor.

It is equally important not to overcharge your pen. A full charge is achieved after about 30 minutes plugged into your USB wall outlet. Excessive charging will weaken your battery from holding a long charge life over time. The lifespan of the pen battery typically lasts on average 300 charge cycles.

My pen doesn't seem to be working. What could be wrong?

Is the pen not producing vapor? Sometimes the oil may clog the airhole or obstruct contact points. A simple cleaning may solve this. Please refer to the cleaning FAQ.

Note: When reassembling the pen after cleaning, the cartridge chamber and mouth tip need to be screwed onto the pen body only to a snug fit; a cartridge screwed on too loosely or tightly may interfere with vapor flow.

Does temperature matter? How should I store my Alair?

Climate fluctuations may affect the pen’s performance. To avoid this, try to keep your battery and cartridges in stable, room temperature conditions. If the cartridge is cold, the oil viscosity may become thicker, and the pen atomizer may not heat to full capacity, resulting in less vapor. If your pen has been exposed to cold temperatures, please warm it up for a few moments using your hands prior to using.

We recommend storing cartridges mouth tip down in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

How do I clean my Alair pen?

Unscrew the cartridge from the battery. Using an alcohol wipe or a small amount of rubbing alcohol on tissue, lightly wipe the entire surface of the cartridge. Do the same with the pen body (battery), being careful not to touch the atomizer. Wait for the alcohol to dry before using again.

Tried troubleshooting but my pen doesn't work. What can I do?

If you purchased your pen from a local retailer, please visit your local retailer for assistance with warranty. If you purchased your pen directly from us, please email

How long will my Alair last?

Each Alair cartridge will last approximately 150+ draws on average. The pen battery typically lasts approximately 300 charge cycles.

How long is the warranty on my Alair pen?

We offer a six month warranty on Alair products from date of purchase with a valid receipt.


We are not currently taking any orders. We will continue to support clients with our hardware warranty policy for faulty parts. Please refer to our warranty policy and email us at regarding hardware issues. 

Thank you once again for your continued support. We hope you will stay tuned for what’s next.


Team Alair